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Our Mission

    We give individuals and families the hope they deserve, restore their dignity, and help them rebuild their lives. Click here to check our ongoing charitable projects.

    We are a 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit organization that is dedicated to crisis response and disaster relief, globally and domestically. Right now, we are focused on raising funds and providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine's most underserved population, which includes the elderly, expectant mothers, families with children, and the disabled. We also help abandoned animals.


    These are our five main programs:

                                          1. Adopt-A-Family Program

                                          2. Project People 4 People

                                          3. Project Mom-to-Be

                                          4. Adopt-A-Home Shelter

                                          5. Animal Rescue Project

    United Together International, along with its affiliates, is an equal opportunity organization and does not discriminate against anyone because of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual identity, gender identity, religion, or disability.


Our Volunteers

Sincere thanks to our volunteers who work hard to help people in need by dedicating their time, efforts and money!


Lyubov Ursic - New Jersey


Victoria R. - Virginia


Olga K. - Pennsylvania


Yelena Bulavina - Ukraine

Marushchak Yelyzaveta.jpeg

Yelyzaveta Marushchak -

New Jersey

image1 (2).jpeg

Natalia Yevtukh - Texas

Ganna D  Kansas image0.jpeg

Ganna D. - Kansas


Kyrylo Oliinyk - Ukraine


Aleksey V. - Ukraine


Lana Sokharev -

New Jersey

Marianna B. TX.jpeg

Marianna B. - Texas

Olga K_Indiana_image0.jpeg

Olga K. - Indiana


Nadya Hulak - Ukraine


Valentina Sovoleva - Ukraine

Yuliia Hasenko.jpeg

Yuliia Hasenko -
- New Jersey


Anna P. - Texas

  Ganna Novikova - North Carolina
  Nougzar Boukiia - New Jersey
  Volodymyr Kuryeyev
 - Ukraine
  Angela Kuvshynova - California
 Sophia Y. - Texas
  Daniel D. - New York

  Nina E. - Florida
  Dana T. - New Jersey

and growing.


Meet Our Board

image0 (2).jpeg

Oxana Katsov

Co-Founder, President


Lyubov Gordeeva

Co-Founder, Treasurer

Marina Borukhovich_IMG_0888.JPG

Marina Borukhovich

Social Media Director


Yelena Shteynberg

Former President


Liliya Oliiynik



Our Partners

    We proudly partner with Women of Ukraine for our Project Mom-to-Be.

our partners_UkrWomanity_IMG_0912.JPG

    We are running a joint toy and shoe drive with Poltava Strong Foundation for internally displaced refugees in Poltava and Kharkiv. We are raising funds for shipping costs.

Toy Drive_small.jpg

Joint Collaboration Project in Poland to Help Refugees from Ukraine

    As part of our joint collaboration project in Poland with Ranok Initiative, our President and Board Member Yelena Shteynberg provided humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw. She volunteered at an information center for refugees. Yelena also assisted refugees who were applying for Canadian visas under the Canada Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) Program. She helped families navigate the application process, handled crisis letters, translated immigration office correspondence, and helped solve cases that were in limbo. She helped single moms, families with small children, and the elderly. Yelena handled cases involving mixed marriages, in which one spouse held a Ukrainian passport and another did not. No family should be separated during a time like this, and Yelena helped families get through many obstacles in the application process. Yelena also taught English, French, and Spanish to refugees. She quickly assessed the evolving needs of refugees and created new initiatives and revamped existing programs to make sure that refugees’ needs were met. Yelena created a video blog of her experiences in Poland on the Ranok Facebook Page. Here's a video of our President handing out chocolate presents to refugee children at a holiday party:

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